Our Pricing Philosophy

Honest pricing without the gimmicks - our promise to you.

We’re going about things a little differently here at Wildelore, and in doing so we’re taking a leap of faith.

We’re swimming upstream in a discount hungry world.

We’re taking a chance that like us, you’re fed up with being sold to in a salesy way.

We want to be a breath of fresh air.

We don’t want to be spam in your inbox. We’re not going to inundate you with sales that make you feel a sense of scarcity or urgency.

We’re not contributing to fast fashion or people buying things that don't truly add value to their lives.

We’re not going to raise our prices just so we can be perpetually on sale.

We’re not creating a mirage that plays on your psychology and we will not use scarcity marketing tactics.

Our pricing reflects the true value of the sweater.

We’re having faith that you value being spoken to honestly.

We believe our customers are intelligent.

We hope and trust that you (and your nervous system) value the same things we do.

Curious to learn more?

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